LP: "I’m gonna bombard you with new songs until I’m in the grave: that’s it, that’s what I have planned."


17. ‘Goodbye‘ – official music video released on the 9th July 2021. Director: Stephen “Norswrthy” Schofield; Producer: Carling French/French Productions; Production Manager: Kit French; Director of Photography: Nathan Presley; Steadicam Operator: Gabe Kimpson; AC: Yahna Harris; Editor: Kings In The Back Row; LP HMU: Morgan Grimes; LP Styling: Paula Tabalipa; Colorist: Joseph Bicknell (Co3); Retouching: Andrew Bode; Covid Compliance: Adam Jass.

LP. Co-Starring: William Close (goon #1); Nick Bobetsky (goon #2); Xenia Ortiz (model); Maelys Garouis (model); Aundre Marvin (model); Bonavega (sailboat captain) & Swaun 53 aka “Katrina” (sailboat).

16. ‘One Last Time‘ – official music video released on the 12th March 2021. Director: Stephen Schofield; DP: Nathan Presley; Creative Direction: Mike Del Rio; Producer: Carling French; Steadicam Op: Gabe Kimpson; Colorist: Bryan Smaller (C3); Editing: Nathan Presley; LP HMU: Morgan Grimes; LP Styling: Paula Tabalipa; Jaime King and extra styling: Jessica Armstrong; Stylist assistant: Victor Sandoval; Jaime King Hair: Ted Gibson; Jaime King Make Up: Caroline Hernandez; Production Coordinator: Kit French; AC: Yahna Harris; G/E: Brian Patierno; Production Company: French Productions.

Talent: LP & Jaime King. Dinner scene extras: Alejandra Moreno; Alex Feder; Crista Russo; Gabby Maiden; Mike del Rio; Talayeh Nasirzadeh; Tara Harring; Sarab Singh. Goons: Jason Dowd & Nick Bobetsky. Location: The Paramour Estate in LA.

15. ‘How Low Can You Go‘ – official music video released on the 20th November. Recorded at San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. Credits – Talent: LP & Julieta Grajales; Location: Hotel El Ganzo, Los Cabos, Mexico; Director: Eric Maldin; Executive Producer: Daniel Goodman; Line Producer: Israel Gonzalez; Production Manager: Pablo Ramos Vinniegra; Production Coordinator: Fabiola Herrera Perez; Key PA: Alejandro Redo Hahn; PA: Elesban Solis Hernandez; DP: Andres Arochi; 1st AC: Carlos Amador Wong; 2nd AC: Raúl Merino Ruiz; Stylist: Paula Tabalipa Da Silva; Additional styling by : Raul Alvarez and Alexia Ulibarri; Hair & Makeup: Mariu Paizal; Art Director: Lucia Diez Marina Palacios; Art Swings: Thalia Gonzalez Carlin and Pedro Ismael Álvarez Ávila; Gaffer: Oscar Diaz Franco; Grip:Adrian Macias Barcenas; Bajala Productions: Aleph Alighieri; Pauly Sabater: Editor; Taylor Black: Color correction. Production companies : Stvdium; Cine Buró & Kanan Films.

14. ‘The One That You Love‘ – official music video, released on the 23rd July 2020 via LP’s YouTube channel. Director: Darren Craig; Editor: Eric Maldin; Production Company: Freenjoy; Exec. Producer Nathan Scherrer; Producer: Nick Matthews; DP: Thor Wixom. Shot at the Big Sky Movie Ranch in June 2020.

13. ‘Shaken‘ – official animated video. Video concept and animation by LP fan, Maayan Priva (@maayanpr). Released on the 14th June 2019 via NYLON, with YouTube release in the next few days.

12. ‘Recovery‘ – official video. Director Chuck David Willis. Filmed in Koreatown, LA at the end of August and in September  2018. Released on the 11 October 2018, ahaead of premiere of LP’s latest record “Heart To Mouth”.

11. ‘Day By Day‘ – Swanky Tunes & LP. Director: Evgeny Kuritsyn // Production: Global Media Line. Video recorded on the 23rd August 2018 in Nociglia in Italy, officially released via Effective Records’ YouTube channel on the 21st September 2018.

10. ‘N’oublie pas’, LP & Mylène Farmer. Video directed by Laurent Boutonnat. Shot between 19th & 20th May 2018 at Hjorleifshofdi beach, Reynisfjara beach and a house near Reykjavik, Iceland. Released on the 26th of June via Mylene Farmer’s VEVO YT account.

10. ‘Girls Go Wild‘, Director: Darren Craig / Producer: Nick Mathews / Director of Photography: Thor Wixom / Production Design: Liam Moore. Gaffer: Andrew Clark / AD: @allminds / Stylist: Paula Tabalipa / Groomer: Morgan Crawford Grimes. Released on the 16th of August 2018 via LP’s official Youtube Channel.

9. ‘No Witness‘, directed by Cedric Richer & Quentin Curtat and produced by PANAMÆRA. Video was shot at some undisclosed location in Paris in September 2017. It has been released exclusively via Nylon Magazine, which was followed by official release on LP’s Youtube channel on the 29th September 2017.

8. ‘When We’re High‘, directed by Chuck David Willis, featuring Lauren Ruth Ward. It was shot somewhere in LA in May 2017 (LP flew to LA during her US tour & worked 16h straight). It premiered on the 12th July 2017, exclusively at Le Parisien website. It was officialy released via LP’s youtube channel on the 14th of July 2017.

7. ‘Tightrope‘, directed by Chuck David Willis, featuring Lauren Ruth Ward (singer, songwriter, barber, stylist. In personal life Lauren is LP’s girlfriend). It also features LP’s band members and friends as well as her dog, Orson Johnny Valentine. Filmed in December 2016 & January 2017, one of the locations was Cement Studio in LA. Officialy premiered on the 26th January 2017 along with ‘Other People’ video.

6. ‘Other People‘, directed by Chuck David Willis, featuring LP’s friends as well as Laura Hanson Sims (model) and Lauren Ruth Ward (singer, songwriter, barber, stylist. In personal life Lauren is LP’s girlfriend). Filmed in October 2016 at Pour Vous – a Parisian cocktail lounge in Hollywood. Officialy premiered on the 26th January 2017 along with ‘Tightrope’ video.

5. ‘Lost on You‘, directed by Chuck David Willis, featuring Laura Hanson Sims (model) and Lauren Ruth Ward (singer, songwriter, barber, stylist. In personal life Lauren is LP’s girlfriend). Video was filmed in April/May 2016 at location in New York & at LP’s bass player home in LA. Released on the 26th July 2016. After @chuckdwillis: “I had an amazing experience directing LP’s most recent music video for “LOST ON YOU”. It’s was an honor to create a visual piece that represents a personal story in her life. I hope I get to collaborate with more artists who have stories to tell like LP.” On the 7th May 2017 he added: “The Lost On You music video turns 1 year today! Thank you LP for your incredible music and your friendship… I will never forget our first phone conversation… We talked about life, love, and conceived the concept for Lost on you’s video. It all started on @brianbstanley and @hannahayes couch. 😂.”

4.’Tokyo Sunrise‘. Premiered on the 17th September 2014, on LP’s official youtube channel. I cannot find any additional info.

3. ‘Into The Wild‘, shot at the Four Aces in Palmdale, CA over the Summer of 2012. Video directed by Shane Drake, features Brittany Snow & Haley Bennett. Premiered on the 4th October 2012 on LP’s official youtube channel.

2. ‘Good with You/Cling to Me‘, directed by Salzy. Premiered on 1st July 2008. Additional videos (like making of & behind the scenes) were released via LPSobe’s youtube channel. You will find those by clicking here.

1. ‘Wasted‘ by Bill Sharp, included on enhanced edition of LP’s 2nd independent album titled ‘Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol”, released in 2004.