LP: "I’m gonna bombard you with new songs until I’m in the grave: that’s it, that’s what I have planned."

Live at EastWest Studios

Back in 2011, after LP was signed to Warner Bros., she recorded a very special Live Session at EastWest Studios – recording studio complex located at 6000 West Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. During this showcase (that took place most likely in November, with first video being released on December 6th 2011), LP performed 8 songs in total – those are up on youtube – LP’s official account and posted here in their released order. On the 24th April there was a release of CD/DVD album Into the Wild: Live at EastWest Studios (album contains five of eight songs). On April 20, 2013, a 12″ vinyl version, featuring a bonus track “It’s Over” (studio version), was released for the 2013 Record Store Day in a number of 1850 copies.

How this session came to life? There’s very interesting article with LP’s interview for Mix Online.

“The idea for the EP came from label chairman and house producer Rob Cavallo, hoping to capture lightning in a bottle before turning his attention to the recording of her full-length album. Cavallo and Doug McKean […], considered several studios before choosing EastWest Studio A for its combination of roominess, excellent lighting and top-end gear. McKean recorded the performance from the other side of the glass using the control room’s 80-channel Neve 8078 running Pro Tools 10. Afterward, he prepared a Pro Tools session for the Warner Bros. in-house video crew, and staff engineer Adam Hawkins later mixed the five tracks to picture. LP, who favors Neumann and Blue Kiwi mics for studio recording, decided to go with a Shure PGX2/PG58 wireless because it allowed her to move freely around the stage.”

For full article, with more details of LP’s background story at that time & how she became an artist again, click here.